Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekly Grocery spending January 10, 2013

I obviously missed the first Thursday of the month when it comes to tracking my grocery spending.  That's ok, though.  We didn't buy any groceries during the first three days of the month.  My husband made his first grocery run of the year this week, and bought produce, bread, juice, water, and a few things for his lunches at work.  He spent $17.40.  He didn't use any coupons, and our receipts don't calculate what we saved by buying sales items, so I'm going with a $17.40 total for $17.40 in stuff, so a 0% savings.

Our goal is under $100 each week for a family of 3 adults, one child, 2 dogs (one is a senior and on a more expensive food, along with special vitamins), and a cat.

2013 grocery spending: $17.40

Tracking Goals

I know I hadn't been around much lately, but I didn't realize it had been quite so long.  Wow.  I took some time off for Christmas to spend with my family.  My husband's shifts at work have been crazy, so family time has been hard to come by.  It was nice to get plenty of it over Christmas break.  We played board games, read books, watched a couple of movies, and just spent a lot of family time together.  It was nice. 

Elliott's been back in school for over a week now, though.  I just started a medicine that I've been on in the past, but it seems to be kicking my butt worse this time.  Maybe I just don't remember the early days from last time. :)  Anyway, it seems like I want to sleep every chance I get, so I haven't done much of anything online lately.  I'm starting to adjust to it a little better now, so I'm hoping to be online more.  I have several goals this year that I'm excited about, and I plan on blogging about them.  One of them kind of goes against the goal to get out of debt, but I think it will help motivate us for several other things, so I think we will stick with it.

One of my goals this year is to track all of my grocery purchases.  I'm amazed that some people are able to track everything they purchase through  out the year, but I don't think I'm ready for that.  In fact, I'm already not sure how much money I spent on Christmas clearance stuff at a few different places in the last two weeks.   I'm planning on writing a weekly post every Thursday that details how much I spent on groceries each week, so I can better keep track of it.  There will be weeks that just include a running total, since we don't go grocery shopping every week, but I think by posting the same day every week I'm more likely to remember to do it.  My goal this year is less than $100 a week.  That includes 3 adults (my sister, my husband and myself), and my soon to be seven year old.  It also includes two dogs and a cat.  There are just a couple of dietary restrictions as well.  We live in an area with a fairly high cost of living.  It's not like NYC or California or anything, but prices are pretty high because of the oil boom.  We do most of our shopping at the commissary, but it's small, and doesn't carry everything we need, so we obviously have to go elsewhere sometimes.  Also, nowhere doubles coupons, and we don't have any big chains with excellent sales (we have a Walmart, and two regional chains of grocery stores).

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