Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekend Plans

My husband has a four day weekend this weekend, so we decided Elliott should, too. :)  Today is actually my birthday as well, and last year my dad passed away on my birthday.  We're trying to keep the day happy and upbeat, but we will see how well that works.  So far it's going okay.

Elliott gave me the birthday presents he's been hiding from me first thing this morning.  I already knew what they were, since I was with them when they bought one of them, I was actually the one to order another, and the third one I specifically asked for and showed everyone the picture.  Haha.  I guess Elliott was afraid I would read the book early if I knew where it was, though. ;)

My husband is cooking breakfast right now.  He's making pancakes from scratch, which is a new experience for him.  I almost always make them from scratch, though, so I had a couple recipes for him to look at.  Elliott's still unsure how that will work out.

My sister should be here soon, too.  We're going to all go out for lunch together, and maybe do a small amount of shopping this afternoon as well.  We're trying to do something to keep us from sitting at home all day, so the day will be easier.

Then the rest of the weekend will include farmers markets in the morning, followed by other grocery shopping, church on Sunday, and a sleepover on Sunday night.  We should also be moving our bedroom furniture back into our bedroom at some point this weekend!  Carl finished the floor in there last night, and now just has to attach the trim and we will be good to go.  That is so exciting for me!  That's another step closer to having a classroom finished, and having all the extra stuff out of my living room so I can attempt to keep it clean again. ;)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Farmers Markets

My family loves going to the Farmers Markets.  We have two here, and neither are huge, but they both attract a fair amount of people.  The season is fairly short here, but we try to go every Saturday when they are going on.  Sometimes Elliott and I go back on Tuesday or Thursday if we didn't buy enough the Saturday before, but usually we are able to plan appropriately.  If we miss it on Saturday, it somehow messes up our entire week.

This weekend we went to both of them.  We mainly went for zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, and snap peas.  We ended up getting all those things, plus tomatoes, okra, carrots, yellow squash, hot sauce, and homemade pie.  When we find that many veggies we want at the farmers market I consider it a great day.  It makes shopping for veggies for the rest of the week easier, and Elliott is much more likely to eat the veggies from the farmers market without a fuss.  We buy mostly organic when it's available here, and since most of the farmers at the market farm organically, it's great for our family.  Plus the prices are typically pretty close to the same as what is available at the grocery store, only at the grocery store the stuff isn't organic!

We had a potluck at church yesterday and I made a veggie tray, and zucchini muffins to take.  Since my son and I are both on a pretty restrictive diet, I always try to take healthy choices that we can actually eat. :)  That's easier to do during summer when fresh veggies are plentiful.

That picture is just part of what we ended up buying.  We bought a couple of large zucchini that aren't in the picture and another bag of ones that are about the size of the ones in the picture.  We eat a lot of zucchini at our house when it's in season.  This is the only time of year that I have no trouble getting at least six or seven servings of veggies into everyone in my family without any complaints, so I take advantage of it. :)

Do you go to farmers markets?  What are your favorite choices?

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