Friday, July 15, 2011

More Good Photo Deals at Walgreens

I really wish we had a Walgreens here.  Even though we don't have one in Minot, I still get the majority of my photos from there.  My sister picks a lot of them up for me, but occasionally I have them shipped to me here instead.  Next week Elliott and I are most likely going to be going to my parents' house for a little vacation before school starts.  My little sister and I plan on doing quite a few crafting projects, including some scrapping.  I'm thinking of doing a quick and easy (and small) scrapping project for my mom and my mother in law for Christmas, so I am ordering some more pictures.

4x6 prints are only 10 cents each with an order of 50 or more, by using the code PRINTFUN.  Collages and enlargements are 50% by using the code HANGIT.  That makes the 4x6 collages only 15 cents each.  I do these a lot of times for my son, so he can use them in his own scrapbook that he's working on, and we also frame them in his room. They are super quick and easy.  Here's one that he just ordered.  You can put as many as 20 pictures on one collage (although that makes them really small, of course).  We usually stick to 3-4 on a 4x6, though.

The codes I mentioned are both only good through tomorrow, so hurry if you want to get these deals!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clearance Scrapbook Shopping at Hobby Lobby

One of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking. I've always loved the idea, but have only really started working on layouts regularly during the last few weeks.  As most of you probably know, scrapbooking isn't a cheap hobby.  Because of that, I don't go to Hobby Lobby very often.  But because Elliott and I have been doing more scrapping lately, we decided to go last week and check what they had on clearance. When my basement flooded last summer, the scrapbook I was working on was easily found, but my stickers, scissors, etc, all magically disappeared.  I've been looking and looking for them, but still haven't found them.

We printed out a 40% off on any one item coupon to use on the Disney scrapping paper Elliott's been asking for, since he's really looking forward to scrapping our Florida vacation from March.  We found several clearance buys on stickers that we liked, as well. We're still behind on scrapping other stuff, but most of what we bought was for the Disney scrapbook that we are starting today.  Elliott's really excited about actually being able to journal some of his own thoughts and feelings in this one.  Since it wasn't JUST a Disney vacation, we bought plenty of other beachy stickers as well.  And the dog and cat ones he needed for his regular scrapbook since we routinely scrap pictures of him and his dogs and cat, as well. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

KMart Clearance Shopping

After trying all week to make it into Minot, I was finally able to get there yesterday.  Minot doesn't have a whole lot of choices for shopping, so we have to make due with what they have.  They don't have a single children's clothing store, and since my son is tall and skinny, I hate shopping online for him.  We buy most of his clothing from Old Navy and KMart as a result.  Last week with the 40% off clearance clothing sale, along with 50% off clearance toys, I knew we had to go.

We shop for Christmas and birthdays year round.  We usually end up "adopting" 2-3 kids to buy Christmas presents for, plus we buy other toys to donate as well.  And then of course, there's the stuff for my son, nieces, friends' kids, etc, and it looks like a toy factory exploded in my basement by the end of November. :)  We couldn't afford nearly as much as we donate if we didn't shop clearance all year round, so Kmart's 50% sale is one of our favorites.

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