Sunday, July 10, 2011

KMart Clearance Shopping

After trying all week to make it into Minot, I was finally able to get there yesterday.  Minot doesn't have a whole lot of choices for shopping, so we have to make due with what they have.  They don't have a single children's clothing store, and since my son is tall and skinny, I hate shopping online for him.  We buy most of his clothing from Old Navy and KMart as a result.  Last week with the 40% off clearance clothing sale, along with 50% off clearance toys, I knew we had to go.

We shop for Christmas and birthdays year round.  We usually end up "adopting" 2-3 kids to buy Christmas presents for, plus we buy other toys to donate as well.  And then of course, there's the stuff for my son, nieces, friends' kids, etc, and it looks like a toy factory exploded in my basement by the end of November. :)  We couldn't afford nearly as much as we donate if we didn't shop clearance all year round, so Kmart's 50% sale is one of our favorites.

Here's what we ended up buying.  I actually also bought Elliott another pair of shorts, but he was already wearing them today when I took this picture.
 The Barbie and Liv doll are going to be put back for in case he gets invited to a girl's birthday party, or for Christmas presents to donate.  The White thing with a face is MP3 speakers that do something.  I didn't really pay any attention, but my husband and son both said it would be good for my son, since he keeps leaving his headphones out and the kitten chews on them.  It was only $7.50.  The dolls were $5.50 and $6 each.  The Cars toys were $3 each, and the big Tonka toy in the back was $5.  The other two Tonka toys (which are the same, only different colors) were $2.50 each.  All the boy toys will be used for birthday presents, along with what we already have, or Christmas presents when we donate.

The two pairs of shorts shown weren't on clearance, but were on sale for $7.50 each.  The other pair was on clearance for $5.99 after the 40% off.  The jeans were on clearance, and we ended up paying $3.59 for the lighter one, and $5.99 for the darker ones.

So all together I spent just over $70 including taxes.  That finished up our back to school clothes shopping, though, and added quite a bit to our stash of presents for kids that don't belong to us, so I think we did pretty good!


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

You did much better than me...I walked in and out without spending any money:) You got some great deals on the Cars toys, and the jeans too.

Carla said...

I was surprised we did as well as we did, especially since we waited until Saturday. Of course, a lot of people in our area have much more pressing concerns right now than toys, but the fact that we saw so many good deals on clothes was a big surprise to me. I'm just glad we found a good deal on some more jeans for him. We had bought several pairs of size 6 before, but he's had a huge growth spurt, and they are now the perfect length, so there is no way that they would last him through the end of the school year. It's hard to believe that he's going to need a size 7 so soon! And his newest shoes are a 1.

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