Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

When people ask what I like about North Dakota, I always mention the beauty and wide open spaces. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We Paid the Van Off

I know this blog was supposed to be about saving money and getting debt paid off, but somewhere along the way I lost that focus.  We are still somewhat focused on that goal in real life, although it does seem like we just keep taking on more stuff when we get something paid off.  But we are working on it, and our debt numbers are steadily declining, even when we add a new column.

A few weeks ago we paid our Uplander off.  We only paid it off 3 months early, but either way, it's paid off now!  This is sad to admit, but it's actually the first car my husband and I have bought at a dealer and paid off before we traded it in.   It's nice to not owe anything on it anymore. :)  Unfortunately it will probably end up being replaced in the fairly near future with something we have to make payments on again, though.  The van has almost 140,000 miles on (it's a 2008) since we drive everywhere.  It's been a lot of places, and we still love it, but if it starts giving us any kind of problems we will have to get rid of it.  With all the cross country driving we do we need something that is completely reliable.  We have already started early processes of car shopping again, trying to decide what we want next.  But so far we haven't really found anything that we love.  Hopefully that will change before we actually have to get a new car!

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