Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Detours Along the Way....

Last time I posted, I had plans to leave for my parents house last Wednesday.   It didn't end up working out that way, though.  Tuesday was a REALLY hot day, and the AC went out in our room.  So since it was literally over 90 degrees, even late at night, I decided to take the dogs and sleep in Elliott's room.  Well, I made the mistake of turning off the light (Elliott was already asleep) when I came in.   Minutes later, Elliott was awake and freaking about being in the dark.  So he jumped out of bed, and landed on Snoopie, who then proceeded to attack Trixie, thinking it was her fault.  Of course this is after 1 am, my husband was asleep, and I was across the room, in the dark, so I couldn't get to the light switch.  I got Elliott back up on the bed, so he didn't get hurt in the midst of the chaos, and called for my husband, who came in and turned on the light, effectively breaking up the dog fight.

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