Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back at Home

Elliott and I arrived back home  in North Dakota on Friday night.  We ended up staying in Missouri two more days than we had originally planned, due to weather and then a sick family member.   The drive home was fairly quick, and we didn't run into much bad weather, other than the intense storms that were going on in the Nebraska city that we stayed in overnight on Thursday.  We literally arrived at our hotel just in time.  It started pouring down rain as we were opening the door with our last load of stuff we wanted to keep in our room overnight.  There were tornadoes in the area, but none hit the town we stayed in, so I felt pretty lucky.   We had driven through Joplin, MO earlier and were on our way back to Minot, ND, so Elliott was pretty nervous about the bad weather, but finally calmed down enough for us both to get some sleep.   He's certainly glad to be back home and in his own bed at night now, and I am, too!


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

I am glad to hear you are back home safe. It is always great to go on vacation, but getting back home is a very comforting feeling, isn't it?

Carla said...

It is nice to be back home, in my own bed. :) I was staying with my parents, which is the next best thing to being home, but we were definitely ready to be back in our own space! I don't know who was more excited when we got home, Elliott or the dogs. :) Snoopie normally listens really well and follows commands, but she was so excited to see me that she was having a hard time staying in a sit. And Trixie (the naughty one anyway) wouldn't even attempt to sit.

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