Friday, August 19, 2011

Semi-Annual Case Lot Sale at the Commissary

This weekend is the case lot sale at my local commissary.  We almost always try to make it to the case lot sale at least one day each time it happens, and since today we had to be on base anyway to get Elliott shots, we headed over to check it out.

Our base is pretty small, so it never has tons of stuff or anything, but usually I can find a good deal on at least a few things that my family uses.  I'm definitely a coupon user, but right now my coupons aren't sorted, and I have no idea what I have, because  I did NOT keep track of coupons very well for the three plus weeks I was in Missouri.  Today I didn't even remember to take my coupons with me shopping!  So I went in with a list that included bread, milk, eggs, fresh produce, and a few easy to eat, shelf stable fruit items for Elliott's snack bag for school.  Otherwise I figured we'd just buy what we found in the warehouse that was a good deal.

So the first place we went was to the back of the store where the case lot sale is located.  There were some ribs on sale for a pretty good price, but we still have two racks left from the May sale, so we skipped them.  They also had steaks on sale for $4.99, but it was all packaged in 10 lb packages,  and I certainly didn't need $50 worth of steak, especially considering my budget was only $75 for everything.  So we skipped the meat, and kept looking.  The next good deal was on toilet paper, but I still have two huge packages from a Target sale, plus another 10 rolls probably, so we decided we didn't need it.  My husband said we didn't need paper towels either, so we skipped them, even though they were less than $.75 for a large roll, when you bought them by the case.

We ended up buying my husband a case of the little cup o noodles packages, and the price worked out to $.27 or 28 each I believe.  He doesn't eat them very often, but he always leaves them in his locker at work in case he forgets to take his lunch or someone steals it.  We also bought a case of canned mushrooms.  Other than cheese, that's probably my family's favorite food that we all agree on.  I add mushrooms to some pretty weird stuff, but everyone likes them, so it's all good. :)  We can go through a case of 24 in like 3 months....

We also bought a case of fruit snacks.  I'm not sure what I was thinking.  I don't even let Elliott have them very often, but it was a good deal, and he asked for them, so I agreed. It was a case of 10 boxes of 10 packages, and was under $10 with the coupon.  The shelf life is fairly long on them, so I'm sure they'll be fine.  My husband eats them sometimes, and I do every great once in a while (I ate two packages while in Florida, but that's probably all I've had in the last year).  With Elliott going to school I'll probably stick them in his lunch box or snack bag more often than he normally eats them at home.

That was it for the cases of stuff.  So otherwise we bought bread, milk, eggs, bananas, sliced apples, red peppers, grapes, romaine lettuce, fresh green beans, cucumbers, apple sauce,  a box of frozen waffles,  a big package of individual packages of craisins, and  6 4 packs of fruit in juice.  We managed to spend less than $70 total, which I thought was pretty good considering we didn't bring any coupons of our own.

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