Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekly Grocery Spending January 18-24

Before last Friday my family had only spent $66.99 on groceries for the year.  That definitely changed over the last week.

Friday I went to the commissary to get some things we needed, and some things on sale, and ended up spending $180.38. I detailed some of my best deals, and showed pictures here.

My sister also went to the grocery store in Minot on Friday, and spent $18.70 on canned veggies and fruit.  I'll admit that I'm not normally a big fan of canned fruit, but it's growing on me a little bit.  My sister loves it, and eats it almost every day.  It's easier and quicker than making something with frozen fruit, and doesn't hurt my teeth the way frozen fruit does by itself, so I've been eating it more.

My son will only eat canned green beans, and we go through massive quantities of canned mushrooms at our house as well, so we tend to stock up on them when they are on sale.  Last week they were $.29 a can after a coupon that was in the ad.  My sister went to the store for the veggies, and then found a rather large display of fruit on sale for $.25 a can.  It wasn't expired or even close, or anything like that.  They had just somehow placed the canned fruit order twice and had way too much, so they marked it way down.  She ended up buying 30 cans of veggies (10 green beans, 20 mushrooms) and 40 cans of assorted fruit cocktail and peaches.

Saturday we ended up going back to the grocery store for more canned veggies, and spent another $8.70 on 30 more cans.  We are running out of room in our pantry for canned goods now!

Saturday we also went to Walmart for dog and cat food and dog vitamins.  We bought a little bit of fresh produce (avocados, apples, celery) and yogurt as well, and ended up spending $74.42. 

That brings our weekly total to $282.20.

That is significantly more than our weekly budget of $100 per week for our family of three adults, one child, two dogs, and a cat.  But it evens out ok, since we had been under budget all month, and should come under again next week.

I wasn't planning on going back to the commissary this month, but after looking at some coupons, and hearing about some sales, it looks like I will be going back tomorrow or Saturday, but I will keep it under control. :)

Our total spent on groceries for 2013 so far is $349.19. 

We are 3.5 weeks into the year, so we are almost exactly on target with a budget of $100 per week.


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

I hate those weeks with budgets breaks that go through the roof:)

Sometimes it just has to be done though...

As for canned veggies, I am not a fan either. The only canned veggies we use are corn and black beans for rice, because for this purpose it is just the easiest to use. I do have some canned peas in stock, but I just cannot seem to get myself to use them, so they'll probably be donated soon.

Carla said...

I knew that the budget breaking week was coming, so at least I wasn't surprised. LOL I rarely shop every week, so generally there will be one or two really low weeks, followed by a high one. As long as it all evens out in the end, I'm good.

I guess I should have planned better and not bought pet food the same week that I did a big stock up. That would have helped my numbers look better at least. Haha.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am ok with canned veggies, but canned fruit is not high on my list. It always has a weird flavor I think. My daughter will eat those plastic fruit cups like nobody's business though!

Carla said...

My son and husband both like those fruit cups, too. I probably don't even want to add up how much I spend on them alone. Elliott takes his lunch to school everyday, and Carl takes his to work as well. Both of them take a cup of applesauce, plus another fruit cup (mandarin oranges for Carl and pineapple for Elliott usually) most of the time.

As far as canned veggies, we actually do eat quite a few. They aren't my favorite, and I find that mushrooms are really the only ones that I like, but some of the others are ok. If given the choice I'm pretty sure my son would choose canned green beans and black olives as two of his veggie choices every single day. So obviously we buy quite a few of those three. We also buy canned tomatoes, and canned corn occasionally.

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