Friday, January 25, 2013

Wii Fit Totals January 24, 2013

Motivation was extremely hard to come by today, for just about everything.  I just felt really tired, and a little off all day, even though I went back to bed after Elliott went to school and slept quite a while.  I don't think it was TOO much, but it should have definitely been enough!

I got on my Wii this afternoon, but gave it up after 15 minutes.  I ended up pushing myself to do some more after Elliott and Darla were in bed, but gave up after 16 minutes.  30 minutes is enough, right? :)

I ended up working out for 31 minutes and burning 170 calories.

So for today and yesterday my total time was 76 minutes and my calorie burn was 436.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

30 minutes is much better than 0 minutes, so yes, that's good! I have found myself doing little exercises throughout the day when I don't want to commit to a full workout. Things like squats when brushing my teeth, or calf exercises while doing the dishes. I figure that will work on at least toning up my limbs, right?

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