Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday Deals at JoAnn

My family and I went to Joann just a few minutes after they opened on Friday.  Elliott had been asleep in the car for a while by then, but woke up to go in and pick out new fabric.  They had Snuggle flannel fabric on sale for $1.74 a yard, and fleece for $2.99 a yard.  The fleece was part of a three day sale so we had a 25% coupon that worked on it, to make it just $2.25 a yard.  So we picked out several different patterns and got a few yards.  The line was long to get to the fabric counter, but it was moving fairly fast considering there were some people with upwards of 20 different kinds of fabric in their cart!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Walmart Black Friday Shopping

We started our black Friday shopping Thursday evening at Walmart.  My sister took Elliott to one side of the store, in the shopping cart, while my husband and I started on the other side, without a shopping cart.   My sister and Elliott were responsible for getting some of the bigger items on our list, like the Ninja blender and some bedding for Elliott, while my husband and I started in the movies.

The movie section is always so hectic on black Friday that I don't like taking Elliott over there until things have calmed down a little bit.  This year was no exception.  My husband and I each grabbed a few different DVD's and Blu Rays, and then went elsewhere to sort.  It turns out we both grabbed a copy of one movie, and my husband grabbed one that we already had. There were also a few that we decided weren't a good fit for us, so after my sister sorted through them a little while later, she went back over there and picked out a few more and found two of the ones we had been looking for, so it worked out great!  My family buys a bunch of movies.  We try to wait until they are on sale for the most part, so black Friday is one of our favorite days to shop for movies. 

How Was Your Thanksgiving?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  This was my little sister's first big holiday away from home, but I think she and my mom both made it through ok. :)  My sister actually had to work 10 hours on Thursday and 8 more on Friday, so we ended up waiting until Saturday to do our Thanksgiving dinner at home.  It was a nice family day, without anything extra going on.  We have a lot to be thankful for, and it took Elliott quite a while to say the things he was thankful for, before he finally gave up, and said he was thankful for EVERYTHING! :)

We did quite a bit of shopping on Thursday night and Friday morning, and Elliott was a trooper.  He did sleep quite a bit in the car (my husband and sister went in by themselves to Best Buy and KMart, and my husband and I did Menards by ourselves), but he was pretty happy for the most part and didn't spend much time asking for stuff that wasn't on the list.  I'm actually going to post about a few of our deals today in separate posts.  But first I'm going to look some more at some Cyber Monday deals and see if I can finish up my shopping today!

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