Monday, November 26, 2012

Walmart Black Friday Shopping

We started our black Friday shopping Thursday evening at Walmart.  My sister took Elliott to one side of the store, in the shopping cart, while my husband and I started on the other side, without a shopping cart.   My sister and Elliott were responsible for getting some of the bigger items on our list, like the Ninja blender and some bedding for Elliott, while my husband and I started in the movies.

The movie section is always so hectic on black Friday that I don't like taking Elliott over there until things have calmed down a little bit.  This year was no exception.  My husband and I each grabbed a few different DVD's and Blu Rays, and then went elsewhere to sort.  It turns out we both grabbed a copy of one movie, and my husband grabbed one that we already had. There were also a few that we decided weren't a good fit for us, so after my sister sorted through them a little while later, she went back over there and picked out a few more and found two of the ones we had been looking for, so it worked out great!  My family buys a bunch of movies.  We try to wait until they are on sale for the most part, so black Friday is one of our favorite days to shop for movies. 

The movies with green tags were $1.96 each, and the ones with the other color tags were $7-9 each.  The movies in the bottom picture are all blu ray/DVD combo packs.

Some of our other finds at Walmart included the Ninja blender for $39, bedding for Elliott for $25 each (he also got an Avengers set, but had already opened it when I took pictures), the Veggie Tales book for $5, pajamas for Elliott for $4.50 each and a few other small things that we didn't take pictures of.  Over all, we bought everything on our list and still came in under budget.  There was only one movie we wanted from Walmart that we didn't find, and we apparently left more wiggle room for extras than we ended up needing. :)

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