Monday, June 30, 2014

Teenagers in Training

Elliott is eight years old now and is convinced he is old enough for a cell phone.  My husband and I disagree, and luckily so do the parents of  his friends.  The only one of his friends who has a cell phone is a diabetic and needs it to contact his parents immediately if his numbers are off or he just feels like they might be.  I'm glad Elliott realizes that while B NEEDS one, Elliott only wants one, so he doesn't use that comparison.  The main reason he wants a cell phone is to text his friends.  That isn't really a valid point when none of them have cell phones, though.

Over the last few days he has started using the chat feature on his DS to text his friends, though.  The problem is that they have to be connected, and I'm fairly certain you have to be located pretty closely to do that.  He discovered this capability last Tuesday when one of his best friends spent the night with us and brought along his DS.  On Saturday night another friend spent the night and we ended up taking him back to his house just to get his DS so they could text.  Then last night the first friend spent the night again, and I think they have spent about 4 hours sitting 2 ft apart texting each other.  I checked their texts and most of them are pretty silly.  One of them was asking the other if they wanted to go to the pantry for snacks, and then when they came back up with the snacks, they kept texting each other to pass them back and forth.  Otherwise it's mostly been about what they are watching on TV at the moment, or what they want to watch next (they are using the Roku to watch Amazon Prime videos on TV).  With this much texting already, I have a feeling that when they are old enough to have cell phones, they will be texting nonstop!

Elliott's friend is on the couch just outside of this shot while they text each other.


mail4rosey said...

I didn't know there was a chat feature on the DS. Eek! My son is 6 and says he looks like a teenager now because he lost his front teeth (how he made that assumption, I have no clue ;) ).

Carla said...

That is so funny. Kids come up with the craziest ideas sometimes.

When Elliott was in kindergarten he grew out his hair and said he looked like a teenager with his hair long. He wanted it like Harry Potter's hair in the fourth movie, but luckily we convinced him to cut it before it got quite that long. It was too much for him to keep up with, and he wasn't very happy with my brushing style.

Someone told him right before he started kindergarten that he looked kind of like Harry Potter, so we went through about a year of him trying out all the different Harry Potter hairstyles, trying to decide which one he liked the best.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Allison is dying for a phone to text her friends. She does have an iPad though, and she spends a lot of time on Skype chatting with friends. The phone won't come until she is at least 12, when her sister got one.

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