Friday, January 18, 2013

Weight Loss Check In January 18, 2013

My weight loss goal is to lose at least 40 lbs by the time we leave for vacation at the end of June.  My ultimate goal is a fair amount more than that, though, and is about 25% of my current weight.  That would put me within just a few pounds of the weight that my doctor and I agree is great for my specific body type.

So for my blog posts, I'm going to use percentages off my starting weight, plus percentages off my weight from just the week before.

My doctor said I could safely lose about 1-1.5 percent each week, so my goal is at least a half percentage each week, but hopefully closer to a full one. :)

Last Friday was my first weigh in, and since then I have lost .64%.  It's not as much as I was hoping for, especially since my doctor said I might lose even more weight the first 2-3 weeks, but it's a start. :)  And as always, a move in the right direction is always a good move.

I'm currently down .64% of my start weight, with a goal of 25% total this year.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weight Loss Goals

It seems like every year, I make a weight loss goal, and then end up only losing a few pounds and giving up, because I can't make any more progress.  I've been to the doctor in the past about it.  I have a couple of different health issues that make losing weight harder, and it seems like I'll try something, and it will work for a while, and then it will stop working.

Well, my doctor and I have decided that 2013 is going to be the year that I lose the weight. :) I've had a lot of weight issues, and without getting into all of them, I'll just say that I need to lose a lot of weight.  My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for several years, and while I am currently at a weight that my doctor finds acceptable for pregnancy, I would still like to lose more, before considering any outside help with a pregnancy.  We've pretty much come to the realization that getting pregnant completely on our own isn't going to happen.  But I would like to lose another 40 lbs or so before even considering any medical intervention.  I just turned 30 in August, and my son will be 7 in less than 3 weeks.  If we are going to have another child of our own, we need to get pregnant THIS year.  Elliott is already spoiled rotten, and I worry about how he will really feel when he goes from being an only child to a big brother.  So I would love to do this as soon as possible.

Weekly Grocery Spending

I still haven't made it to the commissary yet this month.  I had planned on going Tuesday, but then Elliott had basketball practice.  He also had basketball practice after school yesterday,too, so I didn't get there then either.  Today he has to finish a school project (because we haven't had enough time to work on it this week because of basketball) that is due tomorrow.  So it looks like tomorrow will be the day I finally make it to the commissary.  I would have gone without him, except that I promised him that he could look around for new lunch boxes ideas this time.  We are definitely in need of a trip to the commissary, though.  We are out of one or two of the items that I need for most of the meals that I've wanted to make lately.

Saturday after his basketball game, we did do some shopping, though.  We went to Walmart to get oil for my husband's truck, and also bought 4 avocados for $.78 each ($3.12).  Then we headed to Marketplace to buy a few things that were on sale, and get some produce.  We ended up spending $46.47.  That included 12 cans of kidney beans on sale for $.49 each ($5.88 total) and 12 boxes of macaroni and cheese for $.28 each ($3.36).  We don't actually eat all that much of either of those items, since I prefer to use dried beans, if I plan early enough in advance.  And I prefer my own homemade mac and cheese, too.  However, these are both things that I keep on hand for quick meals, plus they make great donations to food pantries. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Bedtime for Trixie

I don't talk about them a lot in my blog, but I have three little furry princesses that I love dearly.  This one is definitely my Mommy's girl.  I came back into my bedroom from the bathroom last week to find Trixie fast asleep.

Yes, that's my bed.  And yes, that's even my pillow.  She's spoiled rotten.

2013 Financial Goals

I've already admitted that I didn't track my spending well at all in 2012.  I have no idea how much money I ended up spending on groceries, clothes, or anything else for that matter.  I did track pretty well on Christmas, birthday and other special occasions, but I just have a fairly close grand total, not individual.  This year, I only plan on tracking groceries closely.  I figure I need to start slow so I will stick with it better. :)

What I do know about my spending last year is that it included several big, expensive expenditures.  For instance, we bought my husband a 1998 Toyota Tacoma in the fall.  We also spent about $4000 on a basement remodel (ripped out walls, put up new ones, replaced some old wiring, replaced the ceiling, etc), that we finally finished in November.  Then there was the new sleep number bed we bought in October, and paid almost $2500 for, by the time it was all said and done.  Add in a trip to Missouri, and a road trip to Washington (including stops in Spokane, Seattle, and right on the coast), and it was an expensive year.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elliott's Clearance Finds at Old Navy

Saturday after Elliott's basketball game we needed to run to Target for just a few things, so we decided to go to Old Navy, too, while we were already at the mall.  Elliott got several giftcards for Christmas this year, and Old Navy was one of them.

Of course anytime we walk into Old Navy, the first place we head is to the boys' clearance section.  The only item I was specifically looking for was another pair of pants for Elliott to wear over his gym shorts on practice days at school, and to and from basketball games.  We lucked out and did find a pair of fleece pants that will work nicely for that purpose, on clearance for $3.47.  Elliott found several other things he wanted as well, but ended up narrowing it down to just 2 long sleeve shirts ($6.49 and $4.49), and an Angry Birds hat ($4.47). 

Elliott's clearance clothing was $14.45 before tax

Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Vacation?

We go on vacation every year, and have for a while now.  In my opinion it's important for our family.  I know not everyone agrees with me, but I think I personally need the time away from home to recharge, and spend more time enjoying my family.  Even when our vacations are just to my parents' house in Missouri, it helps us recharge and relax.   Plus of course, it's awesome to see family.  We live 1100 miles from "home" for both my husband and me, so we don't get to see our families nearly as often as we would like.  Elliott and I do manage to go home every year, and Carl is with us most of the time, but sometimes he's just not able to take the necessary time off from work.

This year, we were planning on just going home again.  We were  planning a trip to Kansas City for a few days.  Our parents live in the Springfield area, so Kansas City isn't that far away, but we had planned on spending 2 or 3 nights there anyway, so we could do more stuff.

However, my husband recently found out that he will almost certainly not be allowed to take any leave next summer (2014) if we are still here.  He will most likely either be sent to another base for a while, or will be left here, where they will be obviously short manned because so many will be elsewhere.  We were planning another Florida trip for next summer.  My son is really into Super Heroes and Lego blocks, so we were planning on doing Universal Orlando and LegoLand, while he still loves those things.  However, we have been talking over the idea of doing the Florida trip this year instead.  We normally have a pretty extravagant Christmas, and my whole family is on board with the idea of clearing out our Christmas savings account in late June for a July vacation to Florida.  We were also planning on buying a 3D TV within the next few weeks, and have decided instead, to put that money toward a Florida trip as well.  So if we can come up with another $500 by the end of March (about halfway between now and the trip), without cutting into debt repayment, or any of our other savings goals, it looks like the Florida trip might happen this summer!

Vacation Countdown Ticker