Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sickness Strikes Again

Elliott has been home sick from school for the last two days.  He woke up yesterday morning around 630, complaining that his throat hurt.  When I felt it, I realized he had a fever.  I took his temperature and it got up to 99.5 before he sneezed and dropped the thermometer.  I decided I didn't need to know the exact temperature, since that was enough to keep him home from school.  He started feeling better later in the day, and I thought he would end up back in school today, but today when my husband woke him up, he was running a fever and had a very whiny quality in his voice.  He's acting fine right now, and REALLY wants to go back to school tomorrow, so hopefully he still feels well enough tomorrow!  I'm also hoping no one else in the family gets sick.  Elliott has next Thursday and Friday off school and my sister has the day off Thursday as well, so the three of us are planning on going to Bismarck.

I've managed to do a surprising number of things at home over the last two days, even with Elliott home.  I worked out for over an hour yesterday, and just about 90 minutes today, while Elliott was snuggling the dogs and watching TV in my room.  I straightened up the living room and my bedroom today, and might tackle Elliott's later.

My sister has the day off today, and is grocery shopping right now.  Having her here has really helped us stick to our budget.  She works in Minot, so she usually has no problem running errands for us.  Since I'm not with her, I can't impulse shop, and it works. :)  We're under budget for this half of the month right now, so I should have some extra spending money when we go to Bismarck, plus have extra to put toward debt. :)  I have done a little more online shopping lately than usual, but it hasn't amounted to what I normally spend in stores.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Adapting and Finding My Perfect Day

So my husband found out on Friday that he's on swings this week, and possibly all month.  I really hope it's not all month, but we'll deal with it if is.  He's worked an off shift (3-11pm usually, but sometimes a random 12 hour shift instead) well over half of the school year already.  So he only sees Elliott for a few minutes in the morning and for a while on weekends, but it seems like there is ALWAYS something going on every weekend when he's on second shift.  When I say he sees Elliott for a few minutes, I mean that quite literally.  He rolls out of bed about 5 minutes before it's time for Elliott to go to school, and if he feels awake and alert enough takes him to school, otherwise those 5 minutes are it for the day.

I keep reminding myself that at least he gets those few minutes a day.  He's been home from a deployment for almost 16 months now, so will be eligible again in the very near future.  It just feels like he's missing so much, considering he IS here.  Elliott's in kindergarten this year, and hadn't had any formal education before this year, and had hardly even been away from me.  He's doing REALLY well and has grown a lot, especially in maturity.  I am so proud of him!

Having my evenings alone has it's advantages, though.  Like today I picked Elliott up from school and we came home and built a snowman.  After I got tired of playing outside we came inside, put away laundry, and decided what to have for dinner.  Elliott helped me with dinner, and then after his bath we got to snuggle in bed.  My husband called on his dinner break to say prayers with Elliott, and to tell him how much he loves him.  Then we snuggled some more while we read 6 or 7 books, before he went and got into his own bed, and I went to workout in the living room.

I just feel like there's so much more freedom when it's just Elliott and me at home.  We aren't usually in a hurry to get stuff done, and as long as we get a bath, teeth brushing, and prayers in by 730, the day is a success.  It's not that my husband is a bad dad or anything, he just doesn't like to do things like play outside very often, and he's asleep within minutes if Elliott tries to snuggle him in bed.  I definitely like it better when my husband's on days for a variety of reason, but it's nice to remember there is a silver lining in perfect days like today.

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