Monday, June 9, 2014

Busy Weekends

It seems like every weekend has been busy since the weather got nice enough to do stuff outside.  This last weekend was definitely no exception.  Our family is really enjoying it, although I do worry that Carl might be overdoing it since he had surgery less than 2 weeks ago.  He says he is taking breaks when he needs them, though, and he's not in more pain than usual, so I guess it's going okay.

Friday morning Elliott and I got most of his school work done early so that we could go to base after lunch.  We didn't see any yard sales listed in the paper, but thought we would go try our luck anyway, and go to the park, too, since it was a nice day.  Elliott took the rest of his work to do in the car.

We got to base, and only found one yard sale still going on.  Elliott did find 5 books (2 How to Train Your Dragon, 2 Artemis Fowl and 1 Bunnicula) that were all part of a series that he likes.  We only paid $1 for all 5.  So then after driving around for a while, we headed to the big park that is his very favorite.  We had been playing there for about 40 minutes when Carl called to ask us when we were coming to base (we were supposed to meet him after work), because he got off work early.  He was pleasantly surprised to hear that we were already on base, so he came over to the park and Elliott played for a while longer, before we decided to go ahead and do some other stuff.

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