Monday, June 9, 2014

Busy Weekends

It seems like every weekend has been busy since the weather got nice enough to do stuff outside.  This last weekend was definitely no exception.  Our family is really enjoying it, although I do worry that Carl might be overdoing it since he had surgery less than 2 weeks ago.  He says he is taking breaks when he needs them, though, and he's not in more pain than usual, so I guess it's going okay.

Friday morning Elliott and I got most of his school work done early so that we could go to base after lunch.  We didn't see any yard sales listed in the paper, but thought we would go try our luck anyway, and go to the park, too, since it was a nice day.  Elliott took the rest of his work to do in the car.

We got to base, and only found one yard sale still going on.  Elliott did find 5 books (2 How to Train Your Dragon, 2 Artemis Fowl and 1 Bunnicula) that were all part of a series that he likes.  We only paid $1 for all 5.  So then after driving around for a while, we headed to the big park that is his very favorite.  We had been playing there for about 40 minutes when Carl called to ask us when we were coming to base (we were supposed to meet him after work), because he got off work early.  He was pleasantly surprised to hear that we were already on base, so he came over to the park and Elliott played for a while longer, before we decided to go ahead and do some other stuff.

We ended up going and signing Elliott up for the youth center on base Friday afternoon, too.  Until he's nine I have to stay with him, but that is no big deal.  He can go and play there and do the different activities, plus they offer fitness classes and sports sometimes, too.  Soccer sign ups start next month and Elliott is really excited to try it. They also have art projects and things like that each week.  They were also promoting a mini mudder that Elliott decided we MUST sign up for.  He's looking forward to getting muddy and seeing me get muddy as well. :)  Normally I avoid mud, because I hate the way that it feels, so this will be interesting.

We ended up bowling Friday night, too.  It was the first time we had been bowling for several months, so Elliott was really excited.  While we were there, we also discovered that they have cheap kid bowling in the morning/early afternoon on weekdays this summer, so we will be doing that some this summer for PE/recess.

Saturday morning we got up early and went to a bunch of yard sales.  Two nearby towns were doing their big city wide yard sale day on Saturday, and we ended up going to both of them.  My husband didn't end up finding any of the stuff he was looking for, but Elliott ended up with a bunch of books from $.10-.50 each and I ended up with a few as well.  We also found 2 sets of pajamas, a pair of pajama pants, 4 pairs of jeans and a pair of dress pants for Elliott, and 3 pairs of jeans for me.  Elliott spent his money on a backpack (for when he spends the night with his friend) and a few toys as well.  So he considered the time to be very successful. :)

Then Saturday afternoon after we got home, we worked on our new land.  We mowed, marked off our garden and started tilling.  We went back over yesterday after church and worked on it some more.  We got the whole garden area tilled through twice, but Carl wants to go over it one more time, before we start planting.  Hopefully we can get it all done tonight.  We still have more mowing to do as well.  The guy we bought it from went over it all with a tractor, but to get it short we've had to go over it with the push mower twice.   Since we had to do the whole thing, it seems like it is taking FOREVER but at least it's good exercise. :)  

Since the lot had been empty for several years now, there was a lot of trash in it.  I paid Elliott and his best friend each $2 to go through and pick up the trash, but I have a feeling we will still be picking up more as we continue to cut the grass, and find more of it hiding.  The goal is just to have it in decent shape by the weekend, and have everything planted, and the fence put up.


mail4rosey said...

The land sounds nice! I'm sure the new possibilities it brings are fun too. :)

I haven't been shopping at yard sales for so long. I think it's fun though!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I got to finally hit a few yard sales too. We didn't find any books, but I did get some school clothes for next year!

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