Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Start To Homeschooling

Yesterday morning we were supposed to start doing some homeschool work just to figure out some rough ideas for the amount of time we would need on various subjects. We also wanted to get an idea of how much work he would be doing on his own, and how much he would need (or want) help with.  It turns out he had so much fun doing the first few things, that he decided to make yesterday his first official day of school.  I think part of it might also be that he is currently grounded so it was a great way to spend time he had to spend at home anyway.  Haha.

We did have a little bit of fussing, and a minor meltdown, but overall, we both enjoyed it.  It turns out that he is most likely going to want to do a lot of the stuff more together than I anticipated, but that's perfectly fine with me.  We've switched curriculum on a few things, and they seem to be a little more advanced than what he is used to, so we had to discuss things a little more in depth.  It appears that he didn't learn some of the things in second grade that this curriculum assumes he already learned.

We've been working on homeschool again today, and he absolutely hates one of the things that I bought.  It's not a huge deal, though, because it's one that I bought as a supplement.  We just started with it because we are waiting on a new copy of what I need, after our first one got damaged.  He's still not overly fond of Go Math (which he insisted we get, even though it wasn't my first choice for math) but I think we are going to stick with it a while longer before we give it up.  I spent enough money on it that I certainly want to give it a fair shake, but if it needs to be replaced, we can make that work, too.

Spanish is still his favorite subject, and he's done it both days this week, even though I told him that we only needed do it once or twice a week each week.  I have a feeling it will end up being an everyday thing, or at least as often as time allows.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

That's great that he is taking such an interest in Spanish. In today's job market, those who speak it will always have a leg up over those who don't!

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