Monday, June 2, 2014


It seems like our family used to go to the movie theater nearly every weekend.  Over the last several months (maybe a year?) we have cut way back, though, and go more like once a month.  Part of that is because there just haven't been as many movies that we have wanted to see, and part of it has just been that we haven't had as much time, with the insane work schedule Carl has been on so much of the time.

Over the weekend we did go see a movie, though.  Elliott had been really wanting to see Maleficent.  He mentioned how great it looked every time we saw a commercial.  So when he saw that it would be on base opening weekend, he begged to go see it.  Since we have been trying to support the base theater when possible, we agreed to take him to see it.

Elliott loved it.  He said part of it was scary, and part of it was kind of weird, but over all he loved it.  He has never seen the original Sleeping Beauty, though, so he went in there with no real ideas about what to expect, or how Maleficent had appeared in the original movie.  He viewed it completely as a movie on its own, and thought it was great.

  My husband and I both thought it was okay.  Neither of us thought it was as great as Elliott did, though.  I typically enjoy books and movies told from a different point of view than the one we've heard before, so I did find it interesting.  The acting was good for the most part, and some of the special effects were really good.

Over all, we found it to be a good way to spend some time on a Saturday afternoon, but it's probably not a movie we will add to our collection (unless Elliott buys it with his own money or gets it as a gift from someone else).


Theresa Mahoney said...

I have been really wanting to see this one. We haven't had the time to see a movie lately either. I think the last time we went was for Free Birds around Thanksgiving! There are a few upcoming movies though, including this one, that I am going to make time to go see.

mail4rosey said...

I'm happy to see the review here, especially with the perspective of your little one (because I was wondering if it was too scary for my little one). I want to see this movie.

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