Friday, January 21, 2011

My First FREE Trip!

On Wednesday morning I got a call that the special order my husband had placed was ready to be picked up at the commissary. I had already spent a bunch of time the week before planning my trip and sorting coupons, so I was ready to shop! I asked on the phone if it would be a problem to break up my special order into two different shops, and they assured me it would be very easy. I LOVE my commissary!

My husband had taken the van to work on Wednesday since he's having trouble with the windshield wipers on his truck, so I spent even more time checking prices and printing coupons. By the time he got home from work, my son and I were ready to shop! I have a coupon binder, but haven't bought the inserts yet to put it together, so I'm still working with an expandable file folder. So I sorted out coupons I knew we would use for sure in one envelope, sorted another of ones I wasn't sure about, and left the others right where they belonged, so I could use them on an unadvertised deal if I found one.

The special order we had placed was 2 cases of KY. We're donating some to the ambulance service my husband works for, donating some to a place that gives out baby baskets to expecting moms (for temperature taking), and giving a bunch away. Each case is 72, so it was definitely a lot, but I had a bunch of awesome coupons that made it a money maker. Due to the number of coupons for that, and other things I was buying, I wanted to just get one case on Wednesday. The case of KY, and a tube of Blistex are the only things missing from these pictures.

My total was $270.38 + $13.52 surcharge. I used $272.80 in coupons and paid $11.10 out of pocket!

Here's what I got:

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