Friday, September 14, 2012

Great Deals at Old Navy!

This morning I realized that my son is in need of some new jeans.  The size 7 that he had on fit perfect length wise, so now I need to go through his dresser and laundry basket and pull out all the size 6.  That means that I had to go in search of a jeans sale and Old Navy didn't disappoint!

Old Navy jeans are just about the only jeans my son will wear now, because he loves the way they fit, and he became an especially big fan when his five year old fingers had trouble working a button through a button hole on other brands.  Old Navy jeans have a snap closure (that looks like a button) all the way up to a size 8.  Another thing we like about them is that they have an adjustable waistband.  My son is tall (the tallest kid in his class), and pretty thin, so an adjustable waistband is a must.

I like buying his clothes at Old Navy, because they hold up well, come in styles he likes and are affordable.  I almost always have a giftcard around, that I got online at a discounted price (at, or that I ordered through mypoints.  You can use giftcards from Gap or Banana Republic at Old Navy, too!  Plus, there are often great sales, and coupon codes are pretty common, too.

So back to the Old Navy sale.  They have many of their styles of kids jeans on sale for just $10 each.  That's a great price! Elliott's favorite styles are boot cut and loose fit, and they are both included.

I also saw a coupon (available to print for in store use, or coupon code ONBIG20 online) for 20% off clothing for men and women.  So I started looking around for clothes for me as well.  I order most of my shirts from Old Navy because they carry tall, and I love the longer length.  I found a couple that I liked, along with some jeans on sale for $15-25 each.  There are clothes marked down even more in some sizes! 

Also don't forget to go through mypoints, for 8 points per dollar spent.  And as always, shipping is free on orders over $50.


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

I went to Old Navy a few weeks ago, but I was very disappointed in their clearance sale. A lot of hype, and very little kids clearance it seemed.

I am going through the storage bins this week to move clothes around, and it is just like going shopping. In my six-year-old's bin, I found 3 pair of hand-me-down school pants from his older brother, 2 pair of hand-me-down school shorts and 3 pair of brand-new jeans from Target that I got for about $2 a piece two summers ago...gotta love it!

I barely bought any back-to-school clothes this summer, because I knew I had it all from the clearance sales throughout the year.

Carla said...

I haven't had much luck on clearance deals in store for several months either. But I do live in an area where nothing is big enough and everything is growing so fast that I kind of expect that most of the time. And that applies to pretty much all stores around here. So when I find something on clearance I'm excited, but I usually have to settle for stuff just being on sale. Or I order online.

Two days after I ordered the last order from Old Navy, my son found the rest of the jeans that we had bought him in a size 8 during a sale in the spring. I was almost sure I had bought him 2 more pair but my husband and son both said I hadn't. They somehow had ended up mixed in with our winter coats. So now he has plenty of jeans!

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