Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Detours Along the Way....

Last time I posted, I had plans to leave for my parents house last Wednesday.   It didn't end up working out that way, though.  Tuesday was a REALLY hot day, and the AC went out in our room.  So since it was literally over 90 degrees, even late at night, I decided to take the dogs and sleep in Elliott's room.  Well, I made the mistake of turning off the light (Elliott was already asleep) when I came in.   Minutes later, Elliott was awake and freaking about being in the dark.  So he jumped out of bed, and landed on Snoopie, who then proceeded to attack Trixie, thinking it was her fault.  Of course this is after 1 am, my husband was asleep, and I was across the room, in the dark, so I couldn't get to the light switch.  I got Elliott back up on the bed, so he didn't get hurt in the midst of the chaos, and called for my husband, who came in and turned on the light, effectively breaking up the dog fight.

Snoopie was unhurt, but Trixie had some cuts.  It wasn't anything major, and it's obvious from the looks of things, that Snoopie wasn't trying to kill her or anything, but we still decided to separate them until Trixie is all the way healed up.  She's an 8 year old 20 lb terrier, and has been the alpha among the dogs since the day we brought her home, over 6 years ago.  Snoopie is a 4.5 year old 60 lb lab mix, who just recently started challenging Trixie.  We got her the week after Elliott turned 2, so nearly 3.5 years ago.

Anyway, because of the fight, I ended up staying up until after 4.  I told my husband when he got up (at 445) that I was going to go back to sleep and try to leave a little later, around noon or so.  Elliott was up by 8, though, even after all the middle of the night excitement, and wouldn't really let me take a nap, because he was too busy babying Trixie, and although she wasn't  THAT hurt, I still didn't want him to cause her any more pain.  So we ended up staying home another day.

We ended up leaving on Thursday morning instead, and because of flooding, we took a route we have never gone before.  According to mapquest it was supposed to take about 20 hours.  The route we normally take takes just under 17, but because I-29 is closed and/or under construction through most of Iowa, we opted to go through Nebraska and Kansas instead.  We drove 11.5 hours on Thursday and spent the night somewhere in Nebraska.  Friday morning we slept late, and then continued the rest of the way to my parents' house and arrived at 7 pm.

I must say the Garmin GPS was the best present I ever bought my husband.  Haha!  There were several times I'm sure I would have been lost in Kansas without it.  The way we normally drive home, consists of 3 highways in ND (where we live), I-29 from ND all the way down into Missouri, and then just finding my way home from KC, which is pretty easy as well, and is mostly just two more highways, including another interstate.  It was nowhere near as easy and straightforward driving south out of Jamestown, ND through South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas, then east into Missouri.  We made it here safely, though, with no major mishaps, though, and Elliott even stayed awake most of the way, making it much easier for me to sleep at night. :)

I haven't been online much at all since I've been in Missouri, due to poor planning on my part.  I brought my own computer, because it has everything I need on it.  My sister has an old desktop she rarely uses set up in her bedroom, so I just brought my tower.  I got here and remembered that the keyboard and mouse wouldn't work on my computer, though, because they have the older style plugs, instead of USB's.   Haha.  So I used her laptop a little bit to communicate with the people I HAD to get in contact with, and let everything else slide until I went and bought a keyboard yesterday. :)  My sister was nice enough to loan me her mouse that she sometimes uses with her laptop, since I didn't really need another mouse (we have two spare at home).  So now I'm refreshed, have my own working computer, and am ready to get back into the swing of things, although I won't be around nearly as much, so I can spend time with the family! :)

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