Thursday, December 29, 2011

Old Navy Clearance Deals

Yesterday my guys and I decided to go do some after Christmas shopping.  We got a $100 Banana Republic gift card in the mail just yesterday morning from, so we decided that Old Navy was definitely on our list of places to hit.  In case you didn't know, you can use any Gap family giftcards at any of the Gap family stores and online.  Banana Republic and Gap are both usually better deals than Old Navy on sites like mypoints, so I always order accordingly.

Because I haven't spent much time at all online since Elliott's Christmas vacation began last Tuesday, I didn't even realize that Old Navy was running a Super Cash promotion right now.  if you aren't familiar with the promotion, it's pretty basic.  You spend $20, you get a $10 off a $20 purchase to use during a specific week or two a few weeks out.  You can get up to a $30 coupon off of a $60 purchase by buying more than $60 in one transaction.  The current promotion runs through January 22, and the coupons can be used January 27-February 8.

I started out in Old Navy by myself, because my husband said he didn't need anything.  He wanted to go to the Radio Shack nearby, and took Elliott with him.  It didn't take long for me to find enough stuff for Elliott that I wanted him to come check it out and make sure he liked everything, so I  called Carl to tell them to come on over.  They finished up their shopping and came on in. 

We quickly had a cart full of stuff that was mostly 75% off.  Other than a shirt that was clearanced to $2.99, a pair of shorts clearanced to $.47, and a pair of jeans for $10, everything we bought was 75% off. 

We ended up splitting our shopping into 2 transactions to take advantage of the Super cash promotion, and so we could use all three giftcards we had.

I ended up buying a coat for myself for $19.98
a pair of jeans for Elliott for $10
a coat for Elliott for $12.48
a fleece pull over for Elliott for $3.73
a glove, hat and scarf set for myself for $2.50
3 waffle shirts for Elliott for $3.23 each
a belt for myself for $3.73
and a short sleeve football shirt for Elliott for $2.99

With tax my total was $69.66, and according to my receipt I saved $165.97, but that didn't include the savings on the shirt that was $2.99.

I used a gift card that had $11.20 left on it, that I had cashed in my cash back from my credit card for.  Then I used $58.46 of the $100 giftcard from mypoints to pay for the rest of it. I got a $30 super cash coupon to use on a $60 purchase, too.

My husband went through and bought

a coat  for $19.98
a pair of shorts for Elliott for $.47
a pair of fleece pants for $6.23
2 thermal shirts for $4.98 each 
and a fleece pullover for $6.23

All of the stuff he bought was for himself, except the shorts. With tax he spent $45.87, and paid using $5.03 on a giftcard that we got through our savings account for Christmas shopping, and the rest of the $100 giftcard from mypoints.  It had $.70 left on it, so he got that back in change.  According to his receipt he saved $127.30, but once again, that didn't include any savings for the shorts that were only $.47.  He got back a $20 Super cash coupon off a $40 purchase as well.

We had planned on using most of the $100 giftcard on school clothes for Elliott for this spring and next winter, but  we are still very pleased with our purchases.  We had put back money for coats for ourselves anyway (we usually buy every other year or so in January), and ended up spending less than we had saved.  We can use that money with the super cash coupons and stretch it to more than $100 anyway for school clothes. :)  I also put it into our savings account, and will cash it out on Gap giftcards to get 10% cash back as soon as it clears, to save us even more money.


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

What a great way to stretch that gift card Carla! Thanks for the tip on the Gap gift cards, I did not know that the Gap and Banana Republic gift cards are usually less points.

Carla said...

Thanks, JR. It seems that Banana Republic and Gap are both pretty consistent on prices everywhere I order giftcards, but Old Navy frequently costs more. I can cash out for giftcards from an online savings account and get 10% back on Gap, but only 5% back on Old Navy gift cards. We don't have Gap or Banana Republic here, so my husband thought I was crazy the first time I did it, but changed his mind when he realized it saved us money. :)

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