Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How Do Moms With Big Families Do It?

I only have one son, who is six.  We have still been so busy this summer that I rarely have more than a few minutes a day to get online, so blogging has been nearly impossible.  I really admire Moms (especially who have more children!) who can make time for stuff online every day, or at least a few times a week without neglecting their children.

Summer is definitely my favorite time of year now that my son is in school.  I love all the fun stuff we get to do together, and I love being around him all the time.  This summer we have gone on two vacations, spent a day at the state fair, gone to the playground multiple times, and spent a lot of time just playing at home.  We're hoping for a weekend trip to Bismarck weekend after next to go to the zoo, since we didn't have time in Missouri and our zoo in Minot isn't open this year (because of the flooding last year).

School starts in just three short weeks here.  I'm not sure if I'll find more time online or not.  I plan on driving Elliott to and from school again this year, and that takes quite a while every day.

We're planning on finishing up our school shopping tomorrow.  I hope everyone is finding great deals!  If you are shopping for school clothes don't forget to look online for coupons and the best prices.

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