Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bath and Body Works Online Sale With Coupon Code

My son and I both love Bath and Body Works.  Before we removed all artificial dyes from our cosmetics and toiletries, we used a lot of their body washes and lotions.  Elliott loved several of the scents in the guy collection, and also enjoyed a few of the fruitier ones as well.  Now we can no longer buy any of the body washes, and only a few of the lotions, but that hasn't put an end to our shopping there.  We still buy wallflower scents, candles, and car air fresheners there.  They have so many different choices, and even Carl has come on board and is willing to go into the store to pick out his own scents for the truck, instead of just trusting Elliott and I to do it for him (although I think the real reason he now is willing to go in there is to keep a closer eye on our spending!).

Last week when we were at the mall anyway, we went in to see what was on sale.  They had a bunch of body washes, lotions, etc for 75% off, and the wallflower 2 pack refills for $5.  We ended up buying 2 bottles of lotion, and I think 8 2 pack refills.  We also bought a few of the scentportable refills (for the car) and a new holder to add a second one to the van.
Watermelon Lemonade is one of our favorite scents, we were disappointed that there was only one left in our local store.
 I know it might seem crazy that I then started looking online to see if I could find more of my favorite scent (watermelon lemonade is a favorite of everyone in my house) on sale, but that's exactly what I did.  We have wallflower nightlights plugged in in Elliott's room, the upstairs bathroom, and the hallway.  We have just regular ones in our room, the downstairs bathroom, and the living room.  Sometimes it's kind of a pain to make sure all the scents on one floor work together, but it's worth it to keep our house smelling fresh instead of like animals (we have four pets that we love dearly, but they all stink).

It turns out that the online sales aren't necessarily as good, but they are still pretty good.  Plus there's a 20% off coupon (BBW20JULY) you can use to save more.  One bad thing is you can only use one coupon code per order, so you still have to pay shipping, but it's a flat rate of $5.99 so if you are buying several things it's still worth it. wallflower 2 packs are on sale for half price ($6.25), the big 3 wick candles are on sale for $12 (normally $22.50)  and the scentportable refills are on sale just the same as they usually are in store, buy 4 get 2 free.  The 20% off makes both them and the candles a better deal than the sales that were going on in store last week.  Also there are some great deals to be had if you are in the market for lotion and body wash.  The prices start at $2.75 for full size bottles (making them just $2.20 after coupon)!

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Theresa Mahoney said...

We have a BBW outlet close to me that we can scoop up fabulous deals at sometime. I am going to look for the watermelon lemonade scent next time. It sounds wonderful!

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