Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Typekids.com Review

A few weeks ago my family was given the opportunity to try typekids.com.  We had been looking for a typing program for Elliott for a while, and had just decided to give up for now and wait until next year.  Then I received notification about typekids.com.  I decided to have Elliott try it out, and he LOVED it.  He says it is the best typing program he's tried, and he tried several before this one.  After I looked it over and watched Elliott do a lesson, I agreed with him.  It was the best one we had tried.

One of the things that I like about it is the way it moves from lesson to lesson.  He isn't done with the program yet, but so far he hasn't had much trouble learning the new stuff in each lesson.  The lessons do get progressively harder, but they build well on stuff that has already been covered.  It seems to be set up better than the last typing program we did in that aspect.

Another thing that I really like about it is that the graphics are appropriate for his current age and interests.  It's pirate themed, but not too busy.  We like the theme and feel like it really is age appropriate for the intended audience of 8-14 year olds.  Elliott isn't especially into pirates, but still thought that everything looked cool.

One of Elliott's favorite things about the program is the games.  There are cool little games that can be unlocked after he finishes the lessons.  That is by far his favorite part.    He really likes the shark attack game.  He says he likes it because of all the action.  He likes the other games, too, and is looking forward to unlocking them all!

We received this program free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  The full price of the program is $89.95.  The program consists of 30 lessons.  Would we have paid $89.95 for this program?  Quite possibly, since after trying the first free lessons Elliott couldn't wait to continue.  After trying more lessons, we do really think it is worth the cost, too.

We will be doing another review in a few more months after Elliott has finished the program.  We haven't moved as fast through it as I thought we would, because things have come up and we have been super busy lately.  We haven't had time for much more than the basics lately and Elliott has been doing a lot of his school work in the car or while we are waiting for an appointment.  Things have finally started calming down, though, so we are hoping to find time for it more regularly when we return from our vacation.

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