Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Planning For a Possible Move?

My husband put in for a base of preference transfer recently and we are waiting to hear whether or not we get to move. We've been here his entire career so far (he got here in August 2004), so we definitely feel like it's time to move on. Waiting is hard for me, though, especially with so much up in the air. We should find out whether or not this BOP gets approved before Elliott starts school, but that still seems so far away. We also have a lot of different plans and ideas, depending on whether or not he gets it, and when we get to go.

For instance, if he doesn't get this one, he's going to put in for another one soon, and we're going to stay put for the time being. If he gets it, and needs to report at some point during the school year, Elliott and I will be moving to Missouri (not in with my parents, but close to them) right before school starts and staying there for the school year. I don't want to be stuck in North Dakota by myself again (like while hubby was deployed), but I want Elliott to finish the school year at the same school he started. If he gets a BOP, and we report next summer, then we stay here, and Elliott goes to school in ND for one year. Like I said, there are a lot of different options out there, depending on what the Air Force says.

Since I'm such a major planner, this is pretty stressful for me. I've registered Elliott for school here, of course, but I've also done a bunch of research on schools in Missouri, and have decided on a couple of different school districts that I think would be good. Here in ND, we live in a pretty good school district (over 85% of students are proficient at reading, and over 90% are in math), so I would like to be in one at least as good, in Missouri.

But the good news, is this is really giving me the kick I need to get more serious about paying off debt now. If we are going to be maintaining two households for 10 months, it's going to take some major budget reworking, or a better job for me in Missouri. We could actually make it work on our current budget, but it wouldn't leave much more than minimum payments on our debt. One thing is, though, that houses up here sell fast, and we would be putting our house on the market as soon as Elliott and I move out, and hopefully selling it within a month (the average time a house stays on the market in our town right now is only 15 days, due to the oil boom). Our house is the perfect size for a small family (1-2 kids), including a large fenced backyard, and some play things that can be left if the buyer wants them, so I don't think it will be hard to sell. Since it's now worth quite a bit more than we owe on it, that would definitely ease the strain on the budget with maintaining two households. Plus my husband would most likely move in with a friend, so would be splitting rent/utilities, etc, while he's still here.

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