Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Full Day of School

Today was Elliott's first full day of school.  Yesterday the kindergarteners got out of school early, to help ease them into the year.  Yesterday was also full of a bunch of other stuff for me, so even though I didn't have Elliott with me, I was busy most of the day.

Today I had planned on running errands and getting some stuff done, but I had a headache, and the idea of driving the extra 70 or so miles just didn't appeal to me, especially after all the driving I did yesterday.  I drive 75-80 miles a day anyway, just to get Elliott to and from school (bussing is an option, but he would only be home and awake for 1.5 hours a day then-less when the roads are bad, and I don't think either of us could handle that).

So today I came home from dropping Elliott off and decided to take a nap to get rid of the headache.  I slept for about 90 minutes, and woke up feeling much better.  So I got to work on stuff around the house that needed to get done.  I'm happy to say that in the last two hours I've managed to do two loads of laundry (well, the second is in the dryer now), scrubbed my stovetop, cleaned my bathroom, and cleaned out my fridge.  I also managed to get stuff done for my volunteer work that doesn't have to be done until Monday.  It's amazing how much faster I can do stuff when I'm totally concentrating on it. :)

I miss Elliott, and have actually started to check on him twice today.  Haha.  I pick him up in two hours, and I bet I'm much more excited about that then he is. :)  He whined this morning when I left him, but I'm pretty sure there were no tears.  Yesterday he cried for about five minutes after we left, but his teacher said after he calmed down, he did great, other than tipping his chair back and falling out.   Maybe school will be a happy time for both of us after all. :)

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