Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goal Update

My family has been sick for the last two weeks.  Elliott was home sick from school three days last week, and my husband should have been home from work just about every day, but he was too stubborn to go to the doctor until late in the week (and the doctor DID tell him he should have been there sooner and shouldn't have been at work, so I was right).  This week I'm the only one holding on to the sickness, but I think I'm about to finally kick it.

One positive about being sick over the weekend?  We didn't go shopping.  We live in a pretty rural area, so shopping isn't something I regularly do on a whim.  I see people whine about having to drive "across town" and it takes "at least 20 minutes" to get there, and it makes me smile.  If I want to go anywhere to shop, it takes me more than 20 minutes to get there.  I can get to the BX and the commissary (grocery store) in about 25-30 minutes, and it's another 15 or more to Walmart, Target, KMart, the mall, etc.  It's one of the tradeoffs of living in a small town with a great school, affordable housing, and friendly neighbors I guess.

So reporting on my goals for the last two weeks...I've done great financially.  We haven't even cashed my husband's check from his part time job, and we still have over $80 in cash left, plus over $200 in the bank (aside from the minimum we keep in there for emergencies).  I probably will go get groceries this weekend, but I don't anticipate doing much more shopping than that, so I should be able to keep it pretty low.  I think we will need gas in both cars one more time this month.  That should be it for shopping for this month. Which still leaves me with more than enough to go out for Elliott's birthday, and buy all the stuff we still need to get for his birthday party.  We should still be able to make an extra payment toward debt, even though we're probably going to go slightly overboard on Elliott's party.

Health wise I've been too sick to do much exercising, but I've done a little bit.  I've lost weight, but there's a good chance I'll gain it back now that I'm not sick anymore, so I'm not going to count it.

Doing stuff I enjoy has been fun. I made all of Elliott's birthday party invitations on the Cricut.  We are doing a Toy Story party and we invited 22 kids.  The picture of Woody that Elliott chose had 7 or 8 layers, so it took quite a while to put all the invitations together, but it was fun.  We're also doing picture frames with the kids (with a picture of each child with Elliott in the frame), and I'm using the Cricut for that as well.  We're doing another game or two that I'm using the Cricut to create pieces, and I'm doing some decorations as well, so that's kept me pretty busy.  I'm really enjoying getting to use my Cricut, though, and learning more about it.  Elliott's party is in less than two weeks, so as soon as I finish up the stuff for the party, I'll be working on Thank You cards on the Cricut as well.  That means I haven't had time to do any scrapbook layouts, but all the party stuff has been tons of fun as well. :)

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JRFrugalMom and Family said...

I hope you feel better soon Carla. It is never fun when mom and dad gets sick, because there is noone to take care of them.

It sounds like Elliott is going to have a fantastic birthday party! Isn't it crazy that they are turning six already? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were changing diapers and snuggling with the babies.

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