Friday, September 7, 2012

Clearance School Supplies

School has been back in session here for about 2.5 weeks.  That means that a lot of back to school stuff is on clearance.  We bought most of Elliott's supplies before school started, but waited until the clearance sales to buy the stuff we just wanted, but didn't have to have.

Some of the best deals we've found were lunchboxes at 50% off (he takes his lunch everyday, so we got 2 new ones to add to the rotation of the ones he used in kindergarten, since he leaves them at school sometimes), and crayons at $.25 each.  The cheapest we found Crayola crayons before school started was $.40, so when we were able to get them for $.25 each, we grabbed a few boxes.  We choose names from the Christmas tree at Walmart or KMart every year, and always include a box of crayons and a coloring book or two if we choose children the right age. :)  Elliott often gets crayons for Christmas, too.

We also picked up a few more notebooks for $.16-25 each to use at home.  Elliott needed 2 for school this year, and that will probably last all year, or at least most of it, since he's only in first grade.

We also found some Lego school supplies on clearance.  Elliott is REALLY into Legos right now, so he actually used his own money to buy the pencil sharpener and pencils.  They were on clearance for a decent price, so I feel like he used his money wisely.


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

I haven't found any fantastic back-to-school clearance sale yet, although I suspect Target might be there now. I did pick up more notebooks at $0.16 each, but I am waiting for the school uniforms to go on clearance.

Carla said...

Elliott doesn't wear uniforms, so we're pretty much done looking at the clearance stuff at this point. First graders (and second graders even, if I shop for next year) only need so much. :) We bought several (6 I think?) new jeans when they were on sale at Old Navy for $10 each, and then an additional 20% off or something, so they were a great deal. Living in ND means lots of jeans and long sleeve shirts, but I think he's pretty well set on both.

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