Monday, October 1, 2012

What a Morning!

Today was one of those mornings where it felt like everything was going fine, and then suddenly it stopped!  We were up and around early enough, and Elliott even had time to sit at the table and eat his breakfast, as opposed to eating it on the way to school!  But then when I told him to find a jacket, there was meltdown, because he didn't actually hang any of them up yesterday when we were putting away laundry.  And then he couldn't find his backpack (which was actually right where it was supposed to be, only it was under the jacket that he couldn't find from Friday!).  And then I couldn't find the van keys!  Normally I would just grab to car keys and go anyway (there's a key to all three vehicles on both the keychains that have a remote attached), but today my husband was in the car, so my sister could use his truck, since her car bit the dust on Thursday.  It turns out she had grabbed my van keys because she wasn't paying any attention, and thought she had a different set of keys that has the key to the storage unit.  Luckily that unit is just about 2 blocks away, so when she got there and discovered she had the wrong keys, she was able to come back and hand them over before it made Elliott late for school.  I was still pretty irritated, though, since we were tearing the room apart and I had already called my husband at work, figuring he had taken my keys along with his (which has happened more times than he would probably admit to).

Anyway, I got Elliott to school on time.  His school encourages the children to play outside assuming it's not raining or snowing, or colder than like -20 or something.  So normally we get there about 20 minutes before school starts so he can play outside with his friends that ride the bus.  Today we were only about 10 minutes early, but his best friend had missed the bus and was pulling up just after us anyway, so it worked out!  Apparently it was a rough morning everywhere!

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