Friday, March 29, 2013

I Had To Get My Gallbladder Removed

Sorry I haven't been around much this week, but at least I have a real excuse. :)  After a lot of pain at night last week, my husband took me to the ER on Monday.  My symptoms weren't typical gallbladder pains, but after a CT scan and ultrasound, they knew for sure that's what it was.  I was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday morning, and had that sucker removed Wednesday morning.   The procedure went really well, and I was able to come home yesterday, a day earlier than they had originally thought I would be able to.

I'm still in some pain, but it's pretty minor now.  I am certainly glad to be back at my own house.  I'm supposed to take it pretty easy for the next week, but so far, so good.  :)

I wish it hadn't happened THIS week, but I suppose that's the way it works sometimes.  My sister's birthday was on Tuesday, but instead of waking up to a big breakfast, including some of her favorite foods, she had to get up early and get Elliott around for school, and explain why his Mommy wasn't there to do it for him.  He called my Mom while Darla was getting ready for school, and told her that I was in the hospital getting a body part removed. :)  She thought that was funny, and that's pretty much what she told all the rest of my siblings when she called  them (after talking to Darla, of course, and getting the real story).  Elliott told his teachers the same thing, only he went on to tell one that he thought it was the part that makes someone mean, because I was really grouchy on Monday night before I went to the hospital.  Haha.

Tuesday night my husband and son were still able to take Darla out to dinner, after Darla and Elliott came to see me at the hospital (Carl still hadn't gone home yet), so at least her birthday wasn't TOTALLY ruined.  We'll do a redo soon, when I'm feeling completely better, though, including her big breakfast, and dinner out with the whole family. :)


mail4rosey said...

I'm glad the surgery went well and you're home! It's nice that you have good support system around you. Feel better soon!

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go get your gall bladder removed Carla, but I sure am glad to hear that everything went well.

I wish you a speedy and pain free recovery!!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Sorry you had to have surgery! I had to have mine removed a few years ago. I am so happy it's gone now. I was in so much pain with it being so diseased and all.

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