Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Birthday Parties

Last Saturday Elliott turned 8.  It's hard to believe that he's so old!  For the last two years we've done a big party where we invited everyone from his class, but this year he decided he wanted to do something smaller and only invite a few friends.  Originally I thought this would save me money so I was all for it, but it turns out it's still going to be kind of expensive.  It's probably a good thing I only have one child. ;) 

The Lego Movie comes to theaters on Friday and Elliott and his friends have been anxiously awaiting it for months now.  Elliott decided that what he really wanted for his birthday was to be able to take a group of friends with him to see this movie, and then go out to eat "somewhere fun" after the movie.  So yesterday I passed out invitations to four 7 and 8 year old boys for a movie this weekend.  I had already talked to some of the moms about it beforehand since I knew I wouldn't be able to send out invites until right before the party because we wouldn't know what time the movie starts. 

So far I've heard back from two of the moms that their kids will be attending, but I'm not sure on the other two.  Even if it's just Elliott and two friends I think they will still have fun, though. :)  We're going to see the movie and then eat at either Pizza Hut or McDonald's.  We'll do the presents there, and then take the boys all back home.  The "party" won't be crazy expensive, even if we decide to get the kids snacks at the movie theater, and I won't have to do much clean up before or after the party.  So that is definitely a plus.  I keep telling my husband that our next child needs to have a summer birthday or adoption date so we can do stuff outside for parties.  Haha.

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mail4rosey said...

That is a great party idea (and hurrah for no mess!). Happy birthday to your 8-yr old!!

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