Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Night Out: Spy Kids 4:All the Time in the World

My family rarely goes to a movie theater to see a movie, because it's just too expensive.  In June I bought a Living Social deal that included 2 movie tickets, though, and had planned on using them to see Cars 2.  Stuff came up and we didn't end up seeing it after all.  The promo code was set to expire on September 9, so we decided we better choose a movie and see it this weekend.

Unfortunately there weren't very many choices for movies playing this weekend that my family wanted to see.  My five year old is easily scared, so that ruled out pretty much all of them except The Help and Spy Kids 4.  So of course, he chose Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World.  It was only playing in 3D at a time that would work for us, so we bought the tickets on fandango (using the promo code and a giftcard I had won last summer), and off we went.

We hadn't seen any of the Spy Kids movies, except for the first one, so we didn't really have many expectations when it came to this one.  As I said before, this wasn't exactly a movie we would have paid full price to see, but we were pleasantly surprised.  My son loved it, from start to finish.  When I asked him what his favorite part was, he said "All of the movie was my favorite part!"  He especially enjoyed the scratch and sniff card that bumped the movie up from 3D to 4D, though.  He also really enjoyed the talking dog.

My husband and I liked that it had family friendly themes, and encouraged families to spend more time together making memories that will last.  It was pretty clean, and the language was mild.  At one point Cecil says his sister is a butthead, but that's about it.

Carmen and Juni Cortez come back in this fourth installment, as grown up spies, which is nice, especially if you (or your kids) grew up watching the first three movies.  It ties it all together nicely that the original spy kids are still spies and part of the OSS.

Elliott has already asked to have this one added to his Amazon wishlist as soon as it comes out on DVD, so I guess this is one that my family will watch again!

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