Friday, February 24, 2012

Finding an Exercise Routine

My husband has recently set a goal to lose 40 lbs.  He would like to lose at least 25 lbs in the next 3 months.  That's good news for me and my weight loss journey, because it means it will be easier to eat healthy if it's something that everyone wants anyway (we're lucky and Elliott loves fruit and most veggies).  It also means that we can work on motivating each other to work out, stay on top of healthy eating, etc.  My sister would also like to lose some weight, but her motivation isn't as strong right now, but she's willing to go along with the healthy eating and everything.

So now that my sister lives with us and works an evening shift, I'll be heading out early in the morning to go to the gym with my husband twice a week.  We need to be on base by 545, so that I can work out for almost an hour and still get home in time to get Elliott ready for school.  That means I'll have to be up and out the door almost 2 hours earlier than I usually get up, so I'll have to get in bed earlier.  I think I can make that work, though.  My son is in bed by 730 every night, and most nights my husband is in bed by 930.  My sister doesn't get off work until 10, and I've been hanging out with her until after midnight, but I'm sure she'll be ok if I go to bed earlier (so I can be up by 445). 

In fact, I think that what will probably work the best for my exercise routine is if I go ahead and get up with my husband EVERY morning and work out at home after he heads out to do his exercise class twice a week.  Then I'll get 4-5 work outs in every week, and won't have to worry about when to squeeze them in.  It will also give me some time to get some stuff done online in the morning.  Even though I don't really consider myself to be a morning person, I have to admit that I'm usually more productive in the morning.  Hopefully I'll even find more time to blog this way. :)


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

It sounds like you have a great plan already. Is the gym on camp free for you?

I was looking into the gyms around here, but they are all about 2 miles away, and I know I just won't be motivated to walk 2 miles there, exercise and then walk 2 miles back before heading to pick up the kids...on foot.

So, I am trying to get at least 1 hour of exercise 3 times a week, and then the walking and tennis with the kids are just bonuses.

I was doing great before my dad came to visit, but it was basically impossible to get my usual morning exercise in while he was here, so now I just need to get back on track.

I have been trying to do less walking though, because my calves were getting huge, and since I started walking less they have actually begun getting smaller...amazing isn't it?:)

Carla said...

Yeah, the gym on base is free. I would probably go more often, but it's 20 miles away, so it's a bit of a drive. Occasionally I take Elliott with me, but he gets bored pretty fast in the room where you can take the kids, but he's still too little to go anywhere else. Until my sister came to stay, it would have been really hard to get into the habit of going onto base regularly without Elliott, just because of the time involved. Doing it while he's still asleep should work well, though.

I don't think I would be motivated to work out if I had to walk 2 miles to get there and 2 miles back either. I would consider the 4 miles enough of a work out and call it quits. :)

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