Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Menu Plan January 27-February 2

My family used to always make a loose menu plan every week.  It made it easy to figure out what to cook, and then I was able to plan ahead and include dishes that need to sit in a marinade, cook in the slow cooker, etc.  We're trying to get back into menu planning.  I generally only plan dinners during the week, and then lunch and dinner on weekends.  Breakfasts are usually quick and easy items (eggs, toast, pop tarts, or cereal, plus milk or juice and some kind of fruit), so I don't include them on the menu plan.  Lunches are usually something quick and easy for whoever is at home, so I don't really plan them either.  Everyone that is home eats dinner together, though, so I try to plan it a little better.

This week, Sunday we had leftovers for lunch.
For dinner we had pizza.

Last night (Monday) my husband had a meeting, and my sister was at work, so Elliott and I had leftover pizza and carrots.

My husband and I are going on a date tonight (Tuesday), so we will be eating out somewhere.  My sister is also taking Elliott out to eat to celebrate his birthday, at a place near his school.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night we are having Jambalaya, salad, and fruit.

Thursday night we are doing a picnic in the car.  I'm not sure why Elliott loves that so much but he does (it's pretty similar to a  typical lunch for him, since I pack his lunch almost everyday).  It works out great, too, since we are going to be on the go.  We will have sandwiches, carrots, olives, and fruit.

Friday is Elliott's birthday, so we are going out to a place of his choice.

Saturday for lunch we will be at his birthday party, so pizza it is.

Saturday night will probably be homemade cheesy chicken strips, baked potatoes, and green beans.

We typically don't eat out  as often as we are this week (we actually ate out twice this past Saturday as well!!), but with Elliott's birthday, and my husband being on vacation, our plans are definitely different.

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