Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Extended Weekend

So I took off 2 more days than I had planned.  I forgot that Elliott had Monday off from school because of Presidents Day.  Luckily he remembered. :) 

Then yesterday he wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home from school.  He was running just a little bit warm yesterday morning (still not what his school classifies as a fever, but a little warmer than normal) and complaining of a tummy ache.  I really went back and forth over whether to send him to school or not.  I'm glad I kept him home, although he probably would have been ok at school.  He ended up staying in my bed until almost noon, though, so he definitely wasn't faking it.  Usually he's up playing before that, even when he really is running a fever.  He's back at school today, though, and apparently doing fine.  He didn't go to my sister's classroom to bug her at any point this morning, which is usually what he does when he isn't feeling well.

We had a good weekend, though, and I think it was good for us that we were pretty well unplugged most of the weekend.   Elliott had his last basketball game of the season, we made major progress on getting our house back in shape now that we are done remodeling, we took Elliott and a friend bowling, and we even found time for Elliott to have a friend over for several hours on Sunday.  Overall, it was a great weekend (minus the sick stuff yesterday!)

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Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad Elliot is feeling better! It sounds like you had a relaxing weekend. It's nice to have extra days off every now and again!

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