Monday, February 11, 2013

Weight Loss Check In February 8, 2013

This was my weigh in on Friday.  We had an incredibly busy weekend again this weekend, and I didn't find the time to post this.  My husband is off on Fridays this month, which makes things even crazier.  This last Friday, I barely even found time to weigh in!  We left to go shopping as soon as my sister and Elliott took off for school.  We arrived home with just enough time for my husband to jump out of the van into his truck (the van was too full of big stuff for Elliott to sit in his seat) and go pick him up at the bus stop.

Anyway, my weight loss goal is to lose at least 40 lbs by the time we leave for vacation at the end of June.  My big goal is to lose about 25% of my weight from a month ago, though.  That puts me just about exactly where my doctor wants me to be.

My goal is to lose at least .5% of weight each week, but I certainly didn't do that well over the last two weeks!  I only lost .4% over the last two weeks combined!  I'm making more time this week for working out, though, and not having birthday cupcakes around will certainly help. :) 

So far my total weight loss in the last 4 weeks has been 1.87%.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Even though you didn't hit your goal, every little bit adds up. We signed up for a family gym membership 2 weeks ago. I weighed myself last night and GAINED 2 pounds. What the heck is up with that!? It better be because I'm building muscle lol.

mail4rosey said...

Cheering you on from over here!

Carla said...

Thanks ladies!

Theresa, I'm sure it will be down next time you check. I seem to always have a small gain when I first start lifting weights or anything else that isn't normally part of my routine. But then within another week or two, I've lost that gain plus more.

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