Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Great Deal on Pictures at Walgreens

Today I finally got around to ordering the rest of the pictures that I plan on using in the scrapbook that I am making for my mom.  It's pictures that we used in the slideshow at my dad's funeral.  We ended up using close to 200 pictures total, so I knew I needed to do some research before ordering pictures to make sure I was getting a good deal.  I knew I would at least be ordering a second set of all the pictures for myself, so a difference of just a few pennies per print adds up fairly quickly on an order that large.

After checking for coupon codes at most of the big picture printing sites I could find, I ended up going with Walgreens.  Prices are $.12 each for 4x6 prints, if you have them delivered to you, which in my experience usually takes 7-10 days.  $.12 isn't the best price out there, but I found a coupon code for $30 off a $60 photo order.  Considering I already planned on ordering nearly 400 pictures, I decided it would be worth it to see if there were 110 more pictures I wanted to print off.  I ended up not getting the pictures ordered before I picked Elliott up from school, but when I got home and was working on it some more, he asked what I was doing. He asked if he could have some of the pictures, too, especially of him and his Grumpy, and his Mommy and Grumpy.  He ended up deciding he wanted most of them, and we ended up ordering 522 pictures total.  The total was $62.64, so after using the coupon code RMNWALG30, it brought the total down to $32.64.  After paying shipping and taxes, I ended up spending $40.45.  That is a total of less than $.08 per print, including tax and shipping!

So if you are in the market for a lot of prints, or enlargements or anything for Christmas, now is the time to order them.   


Theresa Mahoney said...

I think that sounds like a very good deal on photos! I have TONS of pictures that need to be printed. Probably a good 2 years worth. I just keep uploading them to the computer, but never get around to printing them.

mail4rosey said...

That is a great deal for pictures!! I'm backed up a little, and my computer sounds like it's working very hard (usually a sign it's about to die) so I should get mine printed just in case!!

I'm here to wish you happy holidays. :)

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