Monday, December 2, 2013

I Hope You Had a Great Weekend!

We have been pretty busy lately.  Christmas time is always busy around my house, but this year is even busier than usual.  I told my husband we were going to have to cut some of our usual activities to make the time that I needed to work on the scrapbook for my mom, but it seems like instead, I've added to our list.  Giving makes me incredibly happy, though, and since that's what most of our extra projects are about at this time of the year, I'll probably end up keeping them all.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  My family celebrated Thanksgiving 9 days early this year.  My sister works retail, so we knew she would be working on Thanksgiving, so we did the turkey dinner and stuff the week before when she came over on Tuesday like she does every week.  It was fun.  I actually think she was glad to be working on Thanksgiving this year anyway, so she wouldn't be as sad about missing my dad.  We did a smaller Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving, with just my husband, son and I, before heading out to do some shopping.  I am fairly certain that I finished my Christmas shopping, aside from a gift for my sister in law and the $10 gifts that I will be buying for my family's gift exchange. 

Tonight is Elliott's Christmas concert at school.  He is an angel.  He's not exactly happy about that, but he likes it better now that he helped me make his halo.  He is still not happy about wearing a "dress," though. :)


Theresa Mahoney said...

I thought I scaled back this year too, but I am sure feeling swamped!

I hope you had a lovely time at the concert, even if Elliot did have to wear a "dress" lol

Carla said...

The concert was great. It was funny that he made a big deal about it, because every boy in second grade was in a "dress." There was a Joseph, angels, wisemen, and shepherds. They were all in almost identical "dresses" just in different colors and with different accessories. He was a little bit embarrassed by his halo for a few minutes when one of the other boys said something about how shiny it was, but then he was impressed later that I had thought to use a dark headband (he has really dark hair), so his really looked like it was floating and you couldn't tell he was wearing "that girl thing!" Haha.

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