Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Little Things

Today was a pretty brutal day.  My husband came home from work late last night complaining that his back was really hurting.  He had physical therapy yesterday, and he isn't sure exactly what the problem was, but the pain was more severe than any he has had so far.  He didn't want to go to the emergency room last night, but ended up staying awake (and keeping me awake) most of the night anyway because of the pain.  So today, the first thing he did when he woke up was call the clinic on base to see if he could get in.  They ended up telling him to go downtown to have it looked at so we left right after I dropped Elliott off at the bus stop.

The weather was awful.  It was snowing, and windy, and visibility was terrible, even during daylight hours.  I ended up driving back and forth from one place to another all day long today, and had my headlights on the entire time.  The doctor downtown wanted my husband to stay home tonight, and gave him a strong narcotic.  But the doctor on base, who didn't even see him, said he still had to work, but could at least take the narcotic.  By the time I dropped him off at work (he's on second shift today), and got home, I had such a headache from the eye strain of trying to see well while I was driving.  I sat down in my recliner, with my little dog by my side.  When I woke up she was asleep on my lap, and our little kitten was curled up on my chest.   It's funny how snuggles from them can make it all better. :)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Elliott's at my sister's house tonight.  I knew I wouldn't be home in time to pick him up off the bus, so since my sister was off work today anyway, she agreed to switch their weekly sleep over from tomorrow night to tonight so I didn't have to call a friend, and then drag Elliott back out in the cold in the (relatively, considering he goes to bed at 7:30) middle of the night to get my husband.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

My, that does sound like you guys had a brutal day. I hope things have picked up for you a little since then! Especially your hubby's back. Mine has back issues too and keeps me awake a lot tossing and turning because of it!

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