Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Time

Well, Elliott is officially done with second grade now.  His last day of school was Thursday, but his last day of doing anything work related was Tuesday.  His summer vacation lasts until the seventh of July, when we officially start homeschooling.  I think he would kind of like a longer summer vacation, but he's on board with starting school in July so he can have more time off at other times of the year. :)

We started summer vacation with a bang. We drove to Bismarck yesterday and went to the zoo and Red Lobster.  We considered staying the night, but couldn't find a hotel with a decent pool that had openings by the time we made up our mind to stay the night.  So we came home.  We are planning on going swimming at one of the hotels in Minot today or tomorrow, though.  My husband is going to make some calls when he comes in from mowing the yard.  We're trying to decide whether to spend the night in a hotel, or just do the afternoon at the one with waterslides. Decisions decisions!

We have a few fun things planned this summer.  Living in North Dakota, a lot of the stuff is only open from Memorial to Labor Day, so we are planning on having a fairly busy summer.  We have plans to work on some school stuff that is related to different places in the Dakotas.  As I have been doing research, I've discovered quite a bit about my current state that I didn't know before. :)   I'm looking forward to learning even more!  We believe that having a good foundation of state history is pretty important, too.  And since this IS Elliott's home state, and the only state he's lived in so far, we think now is the time to really find out more about it, and do some traveling to see it in person.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I like the idea of only taking a month off for vacation. I hear that kids lose up to 2 months worth of education over the summer. Plus, I like having more days off in throughout the year too. It's nice when you can break things up like that.

Happy Memorial Day!

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

It sounds like a lot of fun for everyone. I bet the more flexible schedule is going to mean a lot more quality family time.

I am giving the kids one week off with no work but reading, when they want to, and then we start our summer program which integrates, learning, fun and adventure.

Carla said...

We're pretty excited about the idea of taking vacations when we want to, and not having to worry about the school calendar.

We have been doing a lot of reading so far this summer, and have been watching some educational stuff. We also took the time to actually read about some of the animals at the zoo that we didn't know much about, too. So he's still learning a lot, even when he doesn't realize that is what is going on. :)

Starting on Monday, we will be pulling out some of the books that we are using for school to time things, and get some ideas for what we like. It will just be for a short while each day, though. And it won't be something that we have to do everyday, if we have other things going on, or he wants to spend more times with his friends or something.

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