Sunday, February 3, 2013

Elliott Had a Great Birthday!

Elliott turned 7 on Friday, so we were busy pretty much all day.  I didn't get around to the posts I had planned, and I didn't even weigh in, so I'm skipping that this week.  Next week I'll just write about what I lost for the past two weeks.

For Elliott's cake at school he wanted a basketball cake, and basketball cupcakes.  My sister took care of the baking, like she always do for birthdays.  We took them to the school for afternoon snack, and the kids were excited of course.   I talked to all the kids then to see if we could get a better idea on how many kids would show up at Elliott's party on Saturday. 

Then after driving around with my husband and sister for a little while, while Elliott finished his day at school, we took him shopping and out to eat.

I know that I just posted comments on 2 or 3 different blogs about how Elliott didn't need any more clothes, but we ended up buying a few at Target anyway.  We went into the boys' clothes section to look at coats and snowpants that were on clearance, but then my husband and son started looking elsewhere as well.  I'll post pictures later or tomorrow.  But we did find some great deals.

We also did some clearance shopping at Walmart, and found some great deals there as well.  We ended up spending more money than we had planned, but we marked off several things on our list of things that we were looking for great deals on.

Elliott had a lot of fun, and is really excited to be 7 now, since all his best friends were already 7!

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Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad to hear Elliot's birthday was a success! My daughter is the youngest of all of her friends too, so when she finally gets to catch up with them in age on her birthday, she's pretty excited too :)

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