Monday, February 25, 2013

Growing Up Too Fast!

Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of my son's friends.  There must have been a huge snowstorm in May 2005, because five of the 19 kids in Elliott's class have February birthdays. ;)  There's one on March 1st as well.

I'm kinda glad that birthday party season is just about over now.  I love that my son has a lot of friends and enjoys going to parties with his friends.  I don't mind buying them presents or anything either.  But I'm ready for a Saturday when we do whatever we want.  And go nowhere at all!

The party on Saturday was at a local hotel with a small indoor waterpark.  Elliott isn't much of a swimmer, but that didn't stop him from enjoying himself.  I stayed for the party since he isn't a great swimmer.  There were actually only 3 other boys and one girl from Elliott's class, besides the birthday boy, but he had a lot of other friends and family there as well.  Elliott mostly played with one of his best friends, who also can't swim well (both can doggy paddle, but that's about it).  He played a little with the other boys from school as well, and one's little brother, but they wanted to do the slides a lot, and Elliott certainly wanted no part of that. :)

Seeing Elliott have so much fun with his friends, and being totally fine on his own is bittersweet.  I love it that he's growing into an independent, sweet, polite boy and that he listens well to other kids' parents and does what he is supposed to.  I miss the little boy that doesn't want Mommy to go away, though.  This weekend on Friday he even told me that he would rather hang out with someone from school, instead of going to see a movie with me (he still ended up going to the movie with my husband and me, but it was apparently a hard choice to make).  I have a feeling it won't be long before he only wants to hang out with Mom and Dad when no one else is available, or when he can invite a friend to come along with us.

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