Monday, February 25, 2013

KMart Clearance Toys are Half Price This Week!

My sister told me on Saturday that KMart clearance toys would be an additional 50% off this week.  We had planned on going and picking some stuff up on Sunday after church, but I wasn't feel yesterday morning, so we ended up staying home from church.  Then today my husband took my van to work so he could get new tires put on it.  While I CAN drive his truck, I prefer to not have to (it's a standard, and it doesn't get around all that well in snow), so I decided to wait on the Kmart sale.  My wonderful sister decided to skip coming home for lunch today, and instead head on down to Minot, where she shopped for me before she had to start her shift.  Since she is still at work right now, I don't have any pictures yet, but I'll try to remember to snap some tonight or tomorrow and edit this post to include some.

Some of the toys she found for our Christmas/birthday stash include:

Power Rangers Mega bloks set for $18, originally $40.

Smurfette Mega Bloks set $5.50, originally $12.

3 different colors of Mega Bloks Power Rangers Samurai Hero Packs for $1.50 each, originally $6.

Assorted Play Doh sets $7.50, originally $18-20 each.

She also bought some Lego Ninjago carrying cases, but I don't remember how much she said they were.  Elliott has been asking for one for a long time, so he will certainly be glad when one shows up in his "store" this week.


mail4rosey said...

He has a play store? Awesome. :) Putting the Lego bag in, even more awesome.

I love good sales that that, I'm going to take a look. Thanks for the info.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Oooh! You got some great deals! Most of our Kmarts closed here. We do have one that's quite a drive though :(

Carla said...

Elliott gets stars when he does certain extra chores, and he can trade them in for things in his store. He also gets stars for remembering to do certain things on his own without being reminded. It's really helping him to remember to do stuff on his own. :) We tried several different things to encourage personal responsibility but discovered that the easiest way to do it was using sticker charts, and me buying the stuff ahead of time, so he only has a few different options he can choose (right now there are 3 books, and 4 toys in his store, ranging from stuff worth $1-15).

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